About Us


exPort is a Portuguese wine export company exclusively oriented towards the Douro Wine Region, run by graduate Oenologists specialized in Port wines and in Douro wines.

It is currently the exclusive international supplier of the brands from several wineries from the Douro Wine Region, but also crafts and markets its own brands on a global basis, managing a complete and continuously growing portfolio under the highest quality standards.

We can promote the sales of our wines in any market, and we can sell our wines to any country in the whole range of categories, styles and prices.

We commit to working closely with our clients in merchandising strategies and in the development of sales-support materials. With in-house marketing and graphics departments we can tailor a go-to-market strategy that meets the most demanding distribution needs and timings.

Our expertise and experience allied to a pro-active design and communication team boost our market reach and the sales of our brands.

We operate with strong and competitive partners in logistics and international transports and we grant our distributors the most special conditions and the best terms.